Steel Shelving & Storage, Cabinets, Racks

Metal shelving racks

Equipment for warehouses, archive storage and office rooms, libraries, garages, and auxiliary rooms for various purposes. Stationary and mobile metal racks with wide range of dimensions and allowable loads: from light shelf racks to complex warehouse racks of any complexity. We trade in metal racks and cabinets in Moscow, Moscow Region, and in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Delivery and assembly are performed in the entire territory of the Russian Federation as well.

Metal cabinets and lockres

The cabinets and lockers are a prefab structure and used for various types of rooms. Various locker models allow using them in offices, changing rooms, archival storages and industrial premises. The lockers are painted in a polymer powder paint. Basic types of metal cabinets: Filing cabinets to keep documents in, cabinets for changing rooms, universal lockers


Assembly and delivery of metal racks and lockers